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Creative and unusual event ideas to help you stand out

It’s hard being an event planner! You’ve got to do deal with a jaded crowd who’s seen and done it all so you’ve got to overcome their sense of ennui – while still pleasing your boss and sponsors and coming in under budget.

Inspiration and creativity are needed now more than ever. The boss demands it, attendees want it and sponsors crave it.

The first thing to remember when creating an event that will tick all those boxes – is that it’s all in the details. Sometimes just adding a little twist can change the tone of your event – so you don’t need to break the bank to stand out.

Here’s a list of effective corporate event ideas that will ensure your event is a hit. Whether you choose to combine a few or just use one or two – you’re on the right track for an unforgettable event.


border triangle Guerrilla marketing for a buzz

the-canvas-riversands-conferencing-events-brand-awarenessDrum up some pre-event publicity and build up anticipation for your function with some funky guerrilla marketing. Think roaming competitions or pop-ups that spark intrigue and excitement. Roaming competitions are a great way to build a buzz, reach a large audience and hit those hashtags. You can host your competition across the country or even just in the office. Engage your audience by having them look for different clues and once they find them – they can win a prize. The great thing about this type of activity is that it creates surprise and a buzz about where it could happen next and it boosts brand recognition.


Purp triangle Digital mapping

Digital mapping or projection mapping is one of the most popular ways to create an out-of-the-ordinary event. Imagine transforming your event space into an untouched paradise. Delight attendees by having them walk into a room with the sound of birds chirping, animals chilling at the watering hole, all while the sun shines down and a sweet breeze is blowing.

You can use this tech for everything from small, indoor stage effects to large visuals on entire arenas or landmark buildings. And the cherry on top – the spectacular visuals are highly shareable – all the better to capture the power of the insta-moment!


 Food Glorious Food

the-canvas-riversands-conferencing-events-food-cateringOne of the best ways to ensure your event is savoured is to offer top-notch food. You could try the arty root – with incredible food-themed art installations like a chandelier of macarons; an edible herb installation where bartenders cut off fresh leaves for bespoke cocktails. Or use interactive food sculptors who can enthral guests as they perform their carving live at events creating large and small 3D sculptures. For something special, forgo the buffet entirely and get a private chef who can create tailored meals to suit your vibe, dietary preferences and custom requests. The food is fresh and there’s a show element to it as you can watch it being made in an open kitchen and you know it’s fresh!


border triangle Kidult

Create lots of laughs, build lasting bonds all while engaging your guests by appealing to their inner child. Offer your attendees a chance to regress to their younger selves and truly kick back. Think adult bouncy castles, trampolines and retro video games. Take it up a notch by putting the traditional Super Mario on a massive controller so teams can play together. In keeping with the supersizing – get giant Lego blocks – and set up competitions, whoever can build the best creation in three minutes wins a prize. And as a bonus, you can use these at team building events. Or why not appeal to the sense of adventure and offer up a chance to learn some cool circus skills – like juggling, riding a unicycle or even mastering the trapeze.

Up the ante by offering Capri Sun inspired adult cocktails to increase the nostalgia factor. Using the familiar kids’ drink pouch design – serve up some delicious, thirst-quenching cocktails. This is a great branding opportunity, as putting your company logo on the pouches helps create positive brand awareness.


Purp triangle Digital Caricatures

the-canvas-riversands-conferencing-caricature-artistGrab those social media hashtags with caricature artists. While not exactly new, it’s still a firm favourite for corporate events that requires walk around entertainment incorporating technology. You know guests are going to post online- so include a company logo, branding or products to leverage the deluge of posts. As a bonus, it builds goodwill, as everyone now has a special personalised gift and it’s an excellent way to keep everyone motivated.


 Do entertainment differently

You want your event to stand out – so the best way to create that wow factor is to ensure your entertainment is on point. Here are some ideas of how to grab your audience’s attention and get them tweeting. Add a mythical or magical booth such as palm, tarot or tea leaf readings – this appeals to people’s love for the supernatural element. Or if that’s a bit too out there use a magician instead. Try to get the best reader/ performer you can as the better their act, the greater the impact.


border triangle A nitrogen bar

This will amaze your guests. Set up an ice cream or cocktail bar using liquid nitrogen. This colourless clear liquid is used at extremely low temperatures so it freezes quickly. Guests can create their own bespoke ice-cream flavours which can be whipped up right in front of them. You can also freeze alcohol for delicious frozen cocktails. There’s also the novelty factor of exhalable “dragon’s breath” nitrogen smoke which makes for perfect insta-ready pictures.


So there you have it – a collection of some creative and inspiring ideas that could take your next event from the hum-drum to the very top of the charts. It just takes a creativity, out the box thinking and paying attention to the details. You’ve got this – go forth and event!

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