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Baked by Opy – takes the cake

Omphile Magasa, a dedicated IT professional never thought she’d become an entrepreneur - let alone a baker - when a serendipitous turn of events completely changed her life. Linguamites is a multi-lingual preschool for children from the age of 2 that teaches Chinese,...

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Exhibitors at KidEx Children’s Expo

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the exhibitors you can expect to see at KidEx:    Trophy Robotics Trophy Robotics mixes curiosity, imagination and critical thinking using LEGO bricks, motors and gears to invent unique, powerful machines, capable of...

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The evolution of conferencing

Humans have been coming together and sharing information since the dawn of time –imagine early cave men gathered around the fire planning the next day’s hunting trip. While a rudimentary example – this is conferencing – a formal meeting of people with a shared...

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How to brief an event photographer

You’ve planned your event down to the last tiny detail and everything is flawlessly in place – so how do you ensure that the memory of this perfection lives on? By making sure you get it captured in all its glory, which is why briefing your event photographer is a...

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Ten team building ideas everyone will love!

Want to impress your bosses and wow your colleagues with something exceptional for your company’s conference or team building event? The first step is finding the right location, like Johannesburg’s The Canvas Riversands. This conference and eventing centre is...

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Five Tips for Better Brainstorming

Doing the unexpected is the essence of innovation – how can you generate more new ideas? Вrаіnstоrmіng іs аbоut dіsсаrdіng tired ideas in order to generate new perspectives. But creative ideas rarely just ‘pop into your head’. They’re often the product of two or more...

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Event Trends – Local Is Lekker

The year 2018 has seen many changes to the way event organisers approach their planning. Sustainability is a key feature this year, with organisers utilising solar energy as well as recycled and upcycled goods as the backbone of events and their marketing. A few years...

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Top 5 Apps That Every Event Planner Needs

Gone are the days of clipboards and writing down lists. Nowadays the world is run on smartphones and they have changed the way every industry functions. Including the eventing industry. Who needs a clipboard when modern apps let you create lists, schedules,...

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Event Space Innovation In 2018

It’s 2018 and the event landscape is evolving yet again. The days of the traditional event where 200 people gather and you feed them are numbered. Today, the expectations are much higher. From mind-blowing keynote speakers, showcasing life-altering innovation

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